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Episode Three Podcast

by amalgamated on May 12, 2010

Many people strive to be their own boss- they want to create a product or manifest an idea or service that takes off and goes where no one has gone before.

Meet Carlos Sanchez- he is the picture of the American entrepreneur who succeeded in doing just that.

Carlos grew-up in the drug infested, crime-ridden public housing projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, in the years when New York was bankrupt and crime was the most prevalent employment option for youth in his neighborhood.

But Carlos found a way out. He studied to become a personal-fitness trainer and began coaching clients at a gym.

He engineered a move into Maplewood, NJ where he was able to establish his renowned Boot Camp fitness training, a program designed to work with the lifestyles of the commuting parents of our neighborhood. It’s an early morning kick in the pants that gets the metabolism ramped-up and helps shed suburban spread.

Carlos didn’t stop there. Being something of a ‘Sneaker-head,’ that is ‘an admirer of collectible sneakers,’ he parlayed this interest into another business, focused on marketing strategies in the age of Social Media.

In the process he was able to nurture a community of ‘SneakGeekZ’  that reached back into his Brooklyn roots.

Some of his inspiration came from web mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, creator of the vast empire that is the Wine Library, and its global media outlet, Wine Library TV.

Carlos seized on this approach to become an authoritative voice in the burgeoning world of sneaker aficionados.

‘How large of a community can these sneaker lovers comprise?’ you may wonder. Let the metrics speak for themselves: in less than three years, Carlos’ videos of his sneaker reviews, seen on his YouTube channel SneakGeekZ.tv, have been viewed nearly 4 million times. This is entrepreneurial spirit at its best. Caps off to Carlos!

His efforts have also garnered him recognition from the US Chamber of Commerce, where he is a finalist in the $100,000 ‘I Am Free Enterprise’ contest. You can view and vote for him here.  You can even vote once-a-day, so vote early and vote often!

Here is Carlos Sanchez when he visited Career Corner to talk about his journey and share some of the lessons he learned along the way.

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Episode Two Podcast

by amalgamated on December 12, 2009

My guest for this episode was Greg Christman.  In addition to his work as a creative recruiter for Sam & Lori Associates in Manhattan, Greg is a thoughtful and sophisticated analyst of trends in new media. He deploys this skill set to craft a philosophy that can be used as an approach for creatives- or anyone- seeking to develop a career in the rapidly evolving world of branding.  Here are some of his key points, followed by the podcast.

Mind frame -> Have a start-up mentality in a corporate culture.

Job search tactics

  1. Arm yourself w/ information (Do your research about what agencies are appealing & who the go to players are in those shops) Hint: Linked In
  2. Participate & Contribute within the social media landscape. (blogs, twitter, linked in, facebook, etc)
  3. Amplify your brand msg. (Treat your brand like you would your clients)

Thoughts to keep in when mind building your digital portfolio

  1. Who are you personally & professionally?
  2. What have you done?
  3. What do you want to do?
  4. How are you presenting you brand? Is it in line w/ your strengths & experience? Your story needs to resonate.

Cultivating your digital brand using social media

  1. Be a Resource
  2. Be an Idea Generator
  3. Be a Brand Curator

Greg Christman

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Episode One Podcast

October 24, 2009

Episode One  of  The Career Corner features guest Eric J. Lange, Senior VP of Human Resources at the Nielsen Company.  Eric’s experience includes 34 years of HR experience in a variety of companies, and 15 years at Nielsen. He is the creator of The Emerging Leaders Program at Nielsen Company,  now in its sixth year, […]

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Mission Statement

October 24, 2009

Hello and welcome to your Career Corner! Throughout our careers we find ourselves going through constant change and evolution. Each one of us is moving, some plodding and some running, through the career lifecycle. We may find ourselves starting a new opportunity, trying to better manage our current career, or going through career transition.  Some […]

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